We are rating products for environment simulation, and we invite you to do the same. The products are split into various categories according to what we see as the primary uses cases in ADAS and AD development processes. Here is an overview figure reflecting our basic understanding of the structure:

Overview of product categories
Figure: Product categories

There may be additional categories or sub-categories if you want to dig deeper. And we might even split the ratings further in the future to reflect the granularity of the market. But for now, we try to keep it simple.

Rating Policies

For each product category we have come up with a set of rating criteria. Some of them are shared between the categories but others are specific. Before proceeding to any rating, we recommend that you first visit our Rating Policies page that gives you an overview of our general rating stratety.

The Ratings

You may access the ratings (per category) via the top menu or by following one of these links:

Your Contribution

We invite you to provide your own assessment along ours. For this purpose, most of the product ratings provide a means for you to express your own impression of a specific product. Before publishing any user ratings, we will need to make sure that a user of our platform is also an actual user of the product he/she wishes to rate. This will involve a bit of emailing forth and back. But reliability of the information that we make publicly available is a key to our initiative.

We dearly hope for your understanding and cooperation.

Our Limits

Finally, we need to make sure that you are aware of the limits of what we can achieve and what liability we may have. Please take notice of our Disclaimer.