Claims – and Facts

Rating simulation solutions by sorting claims from facts

Did you ever wonder what might be left of an environment simulation offering after you have gone through all the marketing claims and have tried to apply them to your actual task?

Did you ever consider rating simulation solutions vs. your requirements and found yourself creating lengthy performance and compliance tables?

Did you ever try to answer the build-or-buy-question by yourself?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES you should be pleased to see our SimCert initiative. We aim to look into the details of environment simulation solutions and we want to give you a clear indication of expected performance for the most frequent applications in ADAS and Autonomous Drivng context. We do this by rating simulation solutions as an independent and impartial player.

Our goal? Enabling you to perform an informed choice when it comes to identifying the solutions that fit your needs:

Our Website

This website provides various aspects: actual product ratings, background information on our project and our motivation, and a constantly growing blog with further details on the criteria that we apply in our ratings.

The following links will lead you directly to the most important pages (for full navigation options, please use the main menu on top):

Finally, we need to make sure that you are aware of the limits of what we can achieve and what liability we may have. Please take notice of our Disclaimer.

SimCert is an initiative by Engineering Services M. Dupuis.