What is the scope of SimCert and what are we trying to achieve? Take a look at the following figure which illustrates – on a very high level – what we intend to do:

Figure: Scope of our initiative

We aim to build a comprehensive database of environment simulation solutions with corresponding features, performance indicators and user experience, and we aim to make this database available via an expert systems that allows interested parties to search for the best set of tools for a given task. There are benefits for all parties involved:

  • Users
    • fast identification of potential vendors
    • up-to-date information on available solutions
    • cross-check of compatibility for individually tailored combinations
    • reduced effort in contacting vendors and conducting own surveys
  • Vendors
    • clear positioning within the ecosystem
    • benchmarking against competitors
    • inputs to the individual roadmap
  • Community
    • clarification of technical terms and feature labeling
    • strengthening of standards initiatives
    • verifiable, fact-based market overview

In order to make sure that we can position ourselves as a trusted partners to users and vendors, we introduce an internal verification, rating and certification process for any information we collect and which we will, ultimately, provide to you.

Figure: Internal data verification scheme

We are aiming very high with our initiative. But we clearly see its benefits and we are convinced that you will see them too.

Getting Started
We start building our system by providing product ratings based on publicly available material and other information that can be used without violating confidentiality agreements. We welcome any vendor who is willing to contribute to this process by providing additional data or being available for answering detailed questions – the more we know, the better the quality of our ratings will be (not necessarily the outcome, though).

An extensive set of information in the database will be made available for free to everyone. This will come in the format of product ratings. Named users and/or representatives of vendors have a chance to provide their own ratings along with ours. They will be listed alongside our initial ratings and will help to create a balanced view on a product.

Any information provided by users will be reviewed by us before publication. User ratings that provide information which cannot be verified or appears to be infringing another party’s rights, will be deleted.

We reserve the right to introduce additional premium services at some point but we want to make clear that whatever is free now will remain free in the future.

We will start small because we want to make sure that we get it right the first time. From there, we will extend our offering “to infinity and beyond…”.