Sensor Simulation

Sensor Simulation and other product categories
Figure: Product categories

Sensor models depend to a large degree on the inputs provided by traffic simulation and the 3d environment – either in the form of (attributed) object information or with a detailed set of geometry and material properties for the sensors’ applicable wavelengths. Their parameterization might be controlled by the scenario simulation or it might be given for a certain system-unter-test (SuT).

This page indicates various solutions’ performances on a high level. For each product that claims to provide sensor simulation, we rate several common aspect and will also provide a rating per sensor technology. We reserve the right to split this rating scheme into several sub-schemes at some point – most probably by starting to compare various solutions for identical sensor technologies.


The rating criteria for Sensor Simulation can be found on our Rating Policies page.


No specific ratings are available at the moment. Sensor simulation, as of today, is mostly part of an integrated solution. Therefore, we will add more detailed information about this component along with the progress of our testing in the category of integrated solutions. Details will come soon. We will also be more than happy to add dedicated packages to our list of rated products.

Missing a Product?

Please let us know if you are interested in having us review a specific product. Provided it fits our scope and in case it’s a free and open source product, things will be easy and we will be happy to execute your request asap. For products outside our scope we might need to discuss the relevance with you first. For fully commercial products we might need to contact the vendor and clarify access to further information, an evaluation copy etc. But we’ll happy to do this – it’s our task and “mission”.